Why and What is Green hour?

Green hour is Local Travel’s ecolabel

We invite all of our customers to leave something behind by planting a birch seedling while touring with us. 10 minutes of your time actually makes an impact! 

This path was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, we live close to Hekla, the most active volcano in Europe, and because of frequent eruptions the soil is mixed with ash and pumice which blows away very easily. This is not only due to the volcanic eruptions. Deforestation caused by human activities in the region throughout the ages has also played its part.

The local farmers

For over a century local farmers, supported by the Icelandic State Soil Conservation Service(ISCS), worked towards reforestation of the area. Some farmers devoted their lives to the destructive power of the sand working for ISCS. Those men were often called “seeders of the sands”. Magga’s grandfather Árni was one of them.

By planting trees we manage to prevent soil erosion and in time increase the nutrients in the soil. We and many locals are participants in Hekla’s afforestation project to restore native birch woodlands in the vicinity of the active volcano.


Secondly, the world is facing a problem that affects us all, global warming. By planting a tree one makes a small gesture which can combine with others to make a significant positive impact on our world. We are really proud to give our guests the chance to carbon sequestrate their trip. So called “win-win” situation!

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